What's Cooking? A Guide to Cooking Classes in Rhode Island

Talented chefs from all over Rhode Island spill their secrets


You can always tell someone who’s talented in the kitchen. We’re no chefs, we say, but we love to cook. But as much as you might love to get creative with dinner, unless you’re some kind of Martha Stewart-level superhero, you’re not going to attempt a souffle on your own. Lucky for us (and for our families), chefs from some of the area’s best restaurants are willing to let us inside their kitchens, give us wine and teach us about their favorite ingredients, cooking hacks, go-to recipes and professional tips of the trade. We might not ever be bound for culinary school, but that doesn’t mean we can’t up our dinner party game. Before the season gets too crazy, spend an afternoon taking a cooking lesson. Your holiday table will thank you.

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