Food Spotlight

Virtuous and Vegan

Seven Stars Bakery has a new item that is as good for you as it tastes


When most of us go to Seven Stars Bakery, it’s usually for the crusty, porous bread, their just-sweet-enough lemon cakes, or their decadent peanut butter brownie. Just the thought of biting into one of their sweet treats makes you wish you could move into their establishment permanently. Recently, the ingenious bakers of the bustling business have come up with yet another creation. Only this time, you won’t have to spend an hour on the treadmill to work it off.

Seven Stars has put out a Chocolate Cherry Nut Bar. What seems like too decadent a mixture of chocolate, oats, nuts, dates, maple syrup, and dried cherries melded into one perfectly cut bar is actually vegan, wheat-free, and packed with seven grams of protein. Inspiration for the bar was sparked by the start of the new year and customers’ healthy resolutions that came along with it. COO Randy Nason says that customers were asking for a different variety of their toasted nut bar, and this prompted the salty/sweet innovation.

“We saw an opportunity to empower people to make healthy eating decisions by launching a protein bar that was in line with our ‘from-scratch,’ ‘preservative-free’ ideals. We saw this as an opportunity to elevate the current protein bar offerings in the marketplace with a simple, unmanipulated bar, providing protein predominantly from nuts.”

This newest “no-bake” invention is just one small step in Seven Stars’ quest to move toward more pre-packaged, grab-n-go products. The bakery understands that its customers are always on the run, and wants to provide the best products and services possible to “feed” their needs.

Seven Stars Bakery