The Lippitt House Gets a New Director

A new director takes charge of the Lippitt House


For countless decades, the Governor Henry Lippitt House Museum has been preserving Rhode Island’s beloved historical structures and destinations, and more recently, it is welcoming a new director. A newcomer to Rhode Island, Carrie Taylor has big plans for the Lippitt House, including building its vital role in the East Side community through public programs and partnerships. Her extensive professional work with Monticello House Museum in Charlottesville, Virginia, promises development in the Lippitt House’s future.

“I’d like to see the Museum develop into a place people learn about Victorian history and design but also be an institution that promotes civil engagement,” Carrie says.

The amount of preventive maintenance to various historical buildings can be difficult and never ending, but with Preserve Rhode Island and the new leadership of Carrie, the necessary tasks into preserving Rhode Island precious history will be a priority. The Lippitt House’s reputation as a community asset is crucial to the development of future projects, and Carrie says she has been “meeting with other leaders from nonprofit and educational institutions to find ways to work together on programs that benefit the community.”

With that goal in mind, a Spring Social will be held at the Lippitt House on May 7, to give the community an opportunity to see the house and all it has to offer. The programs that are being offered at the House will be open for discussion and suggestions for future programs will be encouraged. The free event will have entertainment and refreshments for all East Side neighbors to enjoy.

It makes sense that Carrie’s favorite historical building would be the Lippitt House Museum, and as she study’s more about the institution, her love for new position is motivating her goal in building the essential community based support.

“I’ve been impressed with the priority Providence places on supporting art and culture,” she says.