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Of all the life skills learned, having the ability to learn how to swim not only helps keep you safe around the water, but also builds confidence to overcome all challenges. Lenny Krayzelburg won a total of four Olympic gold medals during two games, and afterwards he developed a special swim school that is now being rolled out to JCCs across the country.

The Dwares JCC recently completed two years of renovations in and around the pool, and with the assistance of new Aquatics Director London Blake, it will be changing over the entire swim program to the Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy system starting October 25 (and Lenny will be on hand that day to talk and sign autographs). London came to the Dwares JCC last year and is very excited: “The main focus of this program is to make sure that everyone is safe in the pool,” she explains. “Lenny developed a system called the SwimRight Method, which focuses on body position from a very young age.”

Registration will begin in September and all participants must have a 15-minute evaluation to see current skill level. London explained that there are different types of classes offered, starting with a parent/tot class for children ages three months up to two-and three-years-old. At this level, parents are in the water with the children. Next are group lessons along with private lessons, followed by a class with specific training that prepares children for being on the swim team. Then come the classes for children currently on swim teams who are fine-tuning their strokes.

What makes the Krayzelburg program so effective are the clear cut accomplishments checked off at each level, complete with special rewards like achievement stickers that go in books the children keep to track progress. And the students get to move through the seven different levels at their own pace. “My favorite thing is seeing a child who is petrified of the water graduate to being so comfortable that he or she doesn’t want to get out of the water,” London beams. The Dwares JCC membership and individual programs are open to all. 

The Dwares JCC
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