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Stay Warm, Eat In

Four winter-friendly services that will cook meals and send them to your door


Come March, everybody is tired of winter. Even people who love winter are pretty much ready for spring. We’re sick of the shoveling, we hate slipping on sidewalks, and the very last thing we would ever want to do is leave the sofa.

So suppose there was a chef who prepared gourmet meals and sent them to your front door. You receive a vacuum-sealed package that contains a delicious meal, and all you have to do is warm it up. Sound amazing? It gets better – the companies are local, and the meals are actually good for you! Like a neighborhood version of Freshly and Factor 75, four local companies will deliver to your door, catering to every budget and dietary need. And thanks to their expanding operations, East Siders are treating themselves to more options than ever.

Active Eats

“Bowls” have gained enormous popularity in recent years combining grains, veggies, and proteins in a portable vessel. The bowl is just one specialty of Active Eats, a health-conscious delivery service based in downtown Providence. If bowls are your thing, you can’t do better than the Chicken Teriyaki, the Southwest, or the Vegetarian Harvest. But the crossfit trainers behind Active Eats offer more complex entrees like Lemon Pepper Shrimp and Mushroom-Dusted Pork Tenderloin as well. Active Eats is also a bargain, at $10 to $12 per meal.

Clean Eats

More than just a food delivery service, Clean Eats is designed to be a full-on “wellness system,” combining improved nutrition with an exercise regimen. Technically, Clean Eats is a Massachusetts outfit based in Dartmouth, but CEO Michael Glassman established the company in 2002 before the home-delivery trend hit its zenith. Meanwhile, Clean Eats delivers to the greater Providence area, so Rhode Islanders can also enjoy the menu’s Scrod Florentine and Salmon Kale Stir Fry.

Feast & Fettle

In a fancy restaurant, you could expect to see such sophisticated items as Miso-Teriyaki Salmon Filets and Grilled Sirloin Tips with Blue Cheese Butter, but you might be surprised to receive them on your stoop in an insulated bag. Based in Warren, and founded by Johnson & Wales graduate Maggie Mulvena, Feast & Fettle has become a household name (literally) among foodies who like to reheat top-quality meals in the comfort of their own kitchens. Customers can pick from three plans and any combination of entrees.


Imagine if you had a nutritionist and a personal trainer, and they conferred on a regular basis to cook healthy meals for you based on your fitness goals. Better yet, they delivered these meals to your house, and they checked in to make sure you’re taking in the best nutrients. That’s the idea behind Good4U, a rapidly expanding company based in Hope & Main in Warren. Created by Cindie DeMello and Tanya DiMarco, Good4U whips up muscle-building meals like Chimichurri Marinated Chicken and Roasted Eggplant Salad. The service recently broadened its territory from the East Bay to include parts of Providence.