At Home

Simply Chic

A streamlined approach helps keep the focus on family life for author Christine Chitnis


As a writer, photographer, maker, and working mother of three young children, Christine Chitnis has a lot going on. To maintain a haven of calm for herself and busy brood of five, her design sense has taken a minimalist turn that is anything but austere in her 1906 Blackstone neighborhood home.

“I was very into colorful, eclectic decor but since welcoming my children, have really felt the desire to simplify spaces and create a calm and cozy environment,” says Chitnis, for whom this means very little clutter and furniture that is solid, comfortable, and not-at-all fussy. “In my opinion, a simple, clean space allows for creativity and comfort to flourish. We’re all pretty selective about what comes into our home because we love the airy, open space that we’ve achieved by minimizing the amount of stuff.”

This transformation has also included the walls, which were once painted in various sea glass hues and are now pure white. “I think simple design allows the architectural details of our home to shine, like the beautiful moldings and old leaded glass windows,” says Chitnis. The neutral backdrop also lets vibrant art and Chitnis’ own textile handiwork to take center stage.

“Our home definitely feels like a New England home, both in its architecture and in the furnishings, which are a bit coastal in theme,” says Chitnis. “It feels like a breath of fresh air every time I walk through the door.” Find Christine on Instagram @christine.chitnis