Rhody Gem: July 2019

The Blue Cottage – East Side Monthly


What it is:

A no-fuss restaurant serving up diner-style specials daily from 7am-2pm in a cozy setting.


Where to find it:

Look for cornflower blue shingles and an awning with overhead lamps. However, it’s not a stand-alone cottage but a brief, charming section of a building on the commercial part of Hope Street. Nominator Cindy Phillips discovered the restaurant before a Saturday morning appointment at nearby Claudia Curl Salon, drawn in by its fairytale-like name.


What makes it a Rhody Gem?

“My husband Dick’s favorite item on the menu is Belgian waffles with strawberries, but mine is a veggie omelette with American or Swiss cheese,” says Cindy, who offers that you can’t go wrong with any order. “And, of course, a big ol’ glass of OJ!”


The Blue Cottage

748 Hope Street Providence • 383-7307

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