Rhody Gem: December 2019

Handcrafted Wreaths at Simple Pleasures – Providence Monthly


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What it is:

An outdoor festive wonderland with wreaths made fresh on the spot by Tom Glenn, who Simple Pleasures’ Mary Moore describes as “gardener, gatherer, and jolly wreath maker extraordinaire.”

Where to find it:

Hopefully by now you’re familiar with Simple Pleasures, that actual brick-and-mortar gift shop housed in a rustic forge next to Waterman Grille, found by taking Pitman Street to the very end. Each year, the shop hosts Tom, who sets up a wreath-making station outside the shop. Weather permitting, Tom will be at Simple Pleasures weekends in December prior to Christmas, and weekdays by appointment or chance.

What makes it a Rhody Gem?

For more than 20 years Simple Pleasures has welcomed Tom to their shop garden. “In fact, it wouldn’t seem like the holiday season without Tom here,” says Mary. “Tom’s handsome, wild gathered wreaths have graced many lucky Providence doors. It’s become a memorable festive tradition to choose your special handcrafted wreath.”


Simple Pleasures | 6 Richmond Square | 331-4120