Open Late

KNEAD Doughnuts’ night window is a must-go


Think about the magic of a freshly fried doughnut: That hot, golden-brown, buttery, light dough, glazed with the luscious sweetness of hot sugar or a delicate vanilla coating. The image propels one to salivate profusely, then go on the hunt for the nearest doughnut shop. Now, imagine those glorious confectionary sensations just down the street, or a five-minute drive to KNEAD Doughnuts’ West End location on Cromwell Street. At the new “Night Cruller” window, the artisanal shop vows that customers will “never eat a cold donut again.” And honestly, that’s the most comforting thing we’ve ever heard.

The idea came to Adam Lastrina and his business partners when they realized that their staff get to wake up each morning and sample bits and pieces of fresh-made doughnuts themselves. That experience, coupled with a window right next to their fryer at KNEAD’s West End location, propelled the owners to open their Night Cruller station. “[The doughnuts] highlight what we do best,” says Adam. “There’s nothing like it.”

Maybe Adam’s words are a bit of an overgeneralization, but in a way, he’s right. There are very few culinary experiences that come close to sinking your teeth into hot, fried, glazed dough. The window on Cromwell focuses on simple menu items since they are made-to-order. There you’ll find doughnuts like chocolate cake, vanilla old-fashioned, and vanilla brioche.

For more information about the Night Cruller window, check KNEAD’s Instagram account, as opening depends on seasonal weather!