Opa! Andreas Reopens

The beloved Greek eatery recovers from storm damage with a fresh new look


The day of the bomb cyclone, Nick Makris and Andrew Mitrelis decided to play it safe and lock up Andreas, their iconic Thayer Street restaurant. The storm would be fierce, and customers would be few.

After 50 years of serving Greek dinners, they knew what a winter tempest could bring.

But January 3 was a fateful day: when an intrepid vendor made a mid-storm delivery, he saw that snow had broken through the building’s shell, and a “waterfall” was running through the restaurant.

“We are so grateful to [that vendor],” Makris says. “We feel lucky that he arrived when he did and that we were able to arrive shortly thereafter. The damage was significant but could have been devastating if
another 24 hours had passed.”

Still, the damage was formidable, and Makris and Mitrelis had a Sisyphean task ahead of them. Now, after 77 days and $200,000 of repair work, Andreas is again open for business. Delays in renovation frustrated the business partners, until they looked at the project in a new light.

“It had been more than a decade since we had given our interior attention,” Makris says. “And the closure actually turned into something positive.”
Andreas now boasts a redesigned interior, including an expanded function room, and an updated menu. Happily, the restaurant was open in time for Easter brunch, one of Andreas’ most anticipated events. Thayer Street