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Nice Slice Moves to the West Side

The beloved pizzeria, priced out of Thayer Street, moves to a new storefront on Westminster Street


When Nice Slice announced that it would be closing its doors on April 15, both the foodie and small business communities were impacted. From a foodie standpoint, the beloved restaurant was a stalwart. From a small business point of view, this was yet another of their cohort to leave Thayer Street. This time, the doors closed after the business was priced out of the space. The parking meters didn’t help, but in the end, high rent was the culprit.

Nice Slice had been working on opening a second location on the West Side, which will now be its only location. Given that the West Side continues to grow and make its mark on the city, adding Nice Slice to the area only ups its culinary cred. 767 Westminster Street. 453-6423.