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Is There a Doctor in the House?

Doctors Latha Sivaprasad and Jason Wright put down East Side roots for their growing family


Dr. Latha Sivaprasad and her husband Dr. Jason Wright relocated to Providence from New York City four years ago, first living downtown before purchasing a house on Prospect Street.

“We had a baby about two years ago, and we were running out of space,” says Sivaprasad, who is senior vice president of medical affairs and chief medical officer at Rhode Island Hospital and Hasbro Children’s Hospital. Wright is a gynecologic oncologist. “Jason and I have lived in city co-ops and apartments for the more than 20 years we’ve been together; being close to a college campus and innovative energy is what really attracted us to the East Side.” She likes East Siders’ collective sense of advocacy and homegrown efforts to keep the area safe.

“There are lots of activities that are family- and kid-friendly here,” Wright continues. “There are great restaurants and shops, and we really like the feel of the community. It’s very friendly and easy to assimilate.” Taking their young son on daily evening walks around Thayer Street and the Brown campus to visit his favorite landmarks (like the Big Blue Bear statue) has become a beloved family ritual.

Sivaprasad is also an associate professor at Brown’s medical school and serves on the boards of the RI Women’s Medical Association and StyleWeek Northeast. Both boards have been a source of community and many Women’s Medical Association board members also live on the East Side.

“I’m the first female CMO since the hospital opened in 1863, so I wanted to get to know the female physician community,” says Sivaprasad. “Some board members date back decades, so there’s a lot of wisdom in the generations that gets imparted.”

Sivaprasad and Wright both appreciate classical house designs; their 1905 home is, in fact, featured in an H.P. Lovecraft story and is sometimes a stop on Lovecraft tours. “We like the idea that there have been children raised in the house and all of the good karma that brings,” Sivaprasad says.

“And we get to create our own memories now.”

If you had one wish to enhance life on the East Side, what would it be?
Sivaprasad: “I know everyone’s lives are busy on the East Side, but if there was a way to develop more rituals in the neighborhood, that would be on my wish list.”

Wright: “Better publicly funded schools.”