Is Your Car Ready for Winter Weather?

Get professional advice on preparing your car for winter from Tomasso Auto Swedish Motors


Achieve peace of mind by ensuring your vehicle is prepared for upcoming winter driving conditions. Sue at Tomasso Auto Swedish Motors explains that, first and foremost, check your tires. "Don't wait until the last minute to see if your tires are good enough for that first snow fall," she explains. Secondly, make sure your anti-freeze levels are adequate and wiper blades are in good shape.

Check your battery. Even if it looks good today, you should know that batteries in the four-to-five year age range show their weakness on that first super cold day. While it's tempting to let your wiper blades function as snow removal devices, you shouldn't do it as it puts pressure on the motors and will make them go prematurely. And before the white fluffy stuff comes, be careful when driving in the rain as potholes, when full of water, are disguised and driving fast through them can damage your suspension and wheels. Always use premium gas and give your car a chance to warm up on cold days to allow fluids to get to their proper places before driving. Sue concludes, "And whether we're in summer or winter, the path to your car's longevity is to keep up with the maintenance." Call Swedish Motors today to get your vehicle ready for winter.
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