Real Estate on the Rise for Lila Delman International

Lila Delman Real Estate International introduces newest team member and shares on the growing real estate market in Providence and Northern R.I.


Big things are happening in the Providence office of Lila Delman Real Estate International, and not just because of the $1.65 million dollar home that office co-manager Christine Dupuis just sold on Barrington’s Rumstick Point. The Providence office of the state’s top-grossing luxury real estate firm has also just announced their appointment of office co-manager, Sales Associate Jacob Rochefort.

Jacob has 13 years of experience in the real estate market, two of which he was working in the Beverly Hills Market. “It was a learning experience, and something I brought back to the Rhode Island luxury market,” he says. “Lila Delman is like no other with its boutique approach.” The East Side office recently listed a Cook Street home for just under $1 million and had it under contract within a week.

“He brings a new energy into the office,” Christine adds. “He brings a fresh approach to everything he does.” Jacob’s philosophy is simple: “You have to adjust to the market trends, and understand that behind every door there’s a different sale, and a different story about what’s going on. It’s understanding the client’s needs and the ultimate goal of being able to meet those needs.” Surviving the market downturn a few years ago taught him a lot. “I have a vast understanding of different climates of the market, and I can deliver under any circumstances.”

Right now the real estate market in Rhode Island is strong, especially with so many people relocating from other parts of the country. That Rumstick Point home Christine just sold was purchased by a California family. “He’s thrilled to be in Rhode Island,” Chris says. “This is my third relocation this year. More and more people are discovering the beauty of Rhode Island.” Jacob adds that he’s seeing a lot of clients from New York. “People who want the New York lifestyle are coming to Providence because they see the similarities between the two,” he says.

People are also turning their attention to areas like Burrillville and Scituate. “The median price in Burrillville is $300,000, and Jake and I just sold an $825,000 property there,” Chris says. “That’s luxury in northern Rhode Island. It was the highest sale in Burrillville since 2014.” There are homes up north that have unique features and exceptional architecture, but are more affordable than they would be in other parts of the state. “Luxury comes in all different price points,” Jacob says. “Northern Rhode Island can offer high quality, but with more seclusion and lower price points than similar waterfront properties.”

“I’ve got a fabulous home coming up in Scituate,” Chris adds. “It’s a custom built house like I’ve never seen before. It’s such a truly unique home, and that’s what people look to us for.” But no matter what the price point, clients get the same service from agents at Lila Delman Real Estate International, from their exceptional marketing savvy to their unparalleled customer service. “It’s even after the sale,” Jacob says. “We don’t stop after the closing. It’s the same as you’d get if you were selling a $10 million property. That’s the benefit of working with us.” 

Lila Delman 

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