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Farmer Willie’s finds fruitful new life as Willie’s Superbrew


It isn’t ginger ale, it’s ginger beer. And it’s not Farmer Willie’s anymore, but Willie’s Superbrew. The Pawtucket-based company went through a branding metamorphosis at the end of May, with a jazzy new look, two new flavors, and a comprehensive list of ingredients.

“The fact that alcohol brands don’t have to disclose ingredients or nutrition facts on packaging doesn’t make sense,” opined Willie’s co-founder Nico Enriquez in a release. “It’s crazy that we don’t know what’s in our drinks. With our Superbrew, we’re being fully transparent – we not only tell you everything that’s in it, but we’re proud of it.”

Willie’s has its roots in Cape Cod, where an actual goat farmer named Willie Fenichel experimented with tiny batches of ginger beer and won a rabid following. Fenichel’s pastime changed course when he teamed up with Brown graduates Enriquez and Max Easton. The heavily bearded character of “Farmer Willie” has served as the company’s mascot since the brewery started in 2016. Willie’s is one of many breweries running production from The Guild, a shared brewing space in downtown Pawtucket.

Willie’s has now retired its trademark beard in favor of festive, multi-colored cans. Meanwhile, the new “Superbrew” moniker comes with two new concoctions: Sparkling Ginger & Lemon and Sparkling Pomegranate & Acai. For the health-conscious, each superbrew is gluten-free and contains only 120 calories.