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Fantastic Pho Noodle Soup

Warm up with a bowl of noodle soup at Pho Horn's


Tucked away in the Job Lot plaza off North Main (behind LA Fitness) is one of Rhode Island’s culinary crown jewels: Pho Horn’s. The chefs at this authentic Vietnamese restaurant ladle up steaming bowls of savory pho noodle soup, offering the best antidote to winter’s bite. There are plenty of beef, chicken, seafood, and vegetarian varieties of pho, and for beginners who like beef, menu item 21 with sliced steak and flank is a great introduction to this country’s signature soup. Each aromatic bowl arrives with a side plate of fresh basil, sliced limes, jalapeño peppers, and crisp bean sprouts to augment and temper the broth.

Of course, the entire menu is worth exploring, as every meal should begin with their famous fresh summer rolls with peanut sauce and steamed dumplings. In the area of entrees, their sweet grilled pork chops are also a must-try, as is their beef Mi Ca Tang (Cambodian Style flat rice noodle). Most Rhode Islanders are coffee lovers, so you will be right at home with their potent Vietnamese Style Coffee (iced or hot) or a freshly squeezed limeade. During prime lunch and dinner hours the place is buzzing with attentive waitstaff, lively conversation, and the overall energy of a beloved restaurant. Visit Pho Horn’s and take a foodie trip that will make your taste buds sing!

Pho Horn’s | 50 Ann Mary Street, Pawtucket | 365-6278