Fancy a Fika?

Cafe Choklad provides a Swedish twist on an ordinary coffee break


Whilst strolling around College Hill, you’ve most likely seen Cafe Choklad. Since its opening in 2004, the Swedish-inspired cafe is a little slice of Scandinavia plopped down in the middle of the state’s capital. Made evident by its name, meaning “chocolate” (if you couldn’t have guessed), the cafe brings Swedish culture and delicacies to Providence, giving us the opportunity to take a break, enjoy a coffee, and savor some homemade treats.

Anyone who has visited Cafe Choklad and knows Swedish culture could say that it is the perfect spot for a fika, the essential coffee break that every Swede has (at least once) on a daily basis; it’s a time to slow down, enjoy a snack, and catch up with friends. Because of how ingrained it is in Swedish culture, fika is more than an impromptu gathering over coffee and a snack – it’s a ritual, a social institution, a way to re-energize. If you don’t like coffee, Cafe Choklad offers other beverages such as tea and soda, and you can’t walk in there without gazing at the array of homemade pastries and ordering something. On the seasonal menu are Swedish treats like apple cake and ambrosia cake made with orange and rum. With its cozy atmosphere and delicious treats, Cafe Choklad provides the East Side with an ideal spot to meet friends, take a fika, and satisfy a sweet tooth.

2 Thomas Street