Family Matters

A Blackstone homeowner proves that elegant and kid-friendly are not mutually exclusive


In the Blackstone neighborhood home she shares with her husband and young daughter, Katy Chu strives to maintain a balance of comfort and style. “It’s like the athleisure of home decorating,” she chuckles. And while she may compare her decor to prêt-à-porter yoga pants, she succeeds by combining practicality with an understated elegance. “I want folks to feel like they can come into our home and relax, but also have it look polished.” In the open main living space of the circa 1920s house, pale grey walls extend from room-to-room accented by white architectural details and fixtures like cabinetry and blinds. Elements such as picture frames, the Mission style dining set, counter tops, and even the fish tank lid introduce black, adding a sophisticated vibe. Together, this backdrop of grey, white, and black reinforces a cohesive flow between zones. Chu’s love of the ocean is also on display in subtle nods. “Sea glass colors and natural elements like plants, woven baskets, warm wood, shells and rocks are nautical without falling into a theme,” she offers. And while Chu is also drawn to white, she’s mindful of keeping things kid-friendly, noting that whether or not globs of slime or washable marker can be removed come into play when making design decisions, as does limited space. “We live in a multi-family on the second floor, so we can’t keep lots of stuff around, but somehow I keep finding a reason for buying more baskets and plants… and little accents from Frog and Toad please me endlessly!”