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Crispy and Korean-Fried

DenDen's second location is bringing a whole new fried chicken craze to the city


Get ready to lose your fried-chicken-loving mind. DenDen Korean Fried Chicken is here from the owners of DenDen Cafe Asiana.

Owner Min Chueng tested the waters before he opened by introducing fried chicken at his Benefit Street location. It sold out every night, a pretty clear indication that it was a hit. It’s different from American fried chicken in a few ways. First, it’s fried twice, ensuring a highly crispy skin. Second, Min paints on the sauce as opposed to dousing it on the chicken in a bowl and then tossing it. “We brush it to make sure it doesn’t get soggy or over sauced,” he says. It comes with a choice of three different sauces, which can also be mixed, including a dark soy garlic, a spicy red (which can be adjusted to taste) and a white lemon cream. His favorite? The dark soy garlic because, as he explains, “it’s perfectly salty and sweet at the same time.” The chicken is always served with a side of Korean pickled radish.

The new restaurant is also incorporating other types of Korean street food onto the menu like sweet potato noodle stuffed Soon Dae Sausage, Whole Chicken Stew with burnt rice and Cheesy Boneless Chicken. There are also familiar items such as dumplings and savory pancakes. 182 Angell Street.