Car Issues Don’t Need to be Stressful

Offering quality auto-service with care at AutoWerks


Everyone has tales of expensive, insulting, and outrageous experiences involving purchasing or repairing a car. From the salesman that keeps telling the female client how “sexy” the car is, to the guy that finds out the “perfect” pre-owned car he just bought has had two repaints not shown on CARFAX. Unless you are an insider, dealing with car issues remains somewhat of an expensive mystery for most.

It’s not just anxiety over money or fear of being taken advantage of that can make car dealings stressful. The small things can also be a burden, and having Bob’s support and expertise make a huge difference. AutoWerks has been successful based on knowledge, trust, and a history of great relationships (Bob was owner of German Motors for 35 years prior to starting AutoWerks), and Bob always goes the extra mile. He’s the guy on the phone with you late Sunday night when you hear a weird tire noise. He’s the guy you call to see if you should really buy your brother-in-law’s car. Bob is the one you trust to find your pre-loved dream car, repair it when it needs it, and advise you on any car issue at all. 

Best of all, AutoWerks beats Kelly Blue Book prices on purchases and offers free pick up/delivery on service appointments.