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Briarcliffe Manor

A skilled nursing and rehabilitation center in Johnston


Recovering from an event as life-changing as a joint replacement, a cardiac incident, a debilitating stroke or any hospitalization that requires intensive post-operative care, is hard work. It takes time, commitment, and support. It also takes the full devotion of the patient, but most of all, it takes a team of dedicated, experienced, talented and caring professionals – unique in their areas of expertise, but unified in their goal to return that patient to health and independence. It takes a team of professionals just like the team at Briarcliffe Manor in Johnston, a team whose work has yielded measurable results that have helped hundreds of patients.

Briarcliffe Manor is a skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility that is part of the Briarcliffe care community. Located in a quiet corner of Johnston, Briarcliffe Manor is surrounded by lush green lawns, rolling hills, gardens and peaceful woods. The exceptional short-term rehabilitation services have earned this facility five-star ratings in these important standards of excellence: overall quality, health inspections, quality measures, staffing and RN staffing, placing them among a select group of nursing homes, both on a national and local level. Briarcliffe also has an in-house therapy department with a state-of-the-art therapy room, and personalized case management that helps ensure that a patient’s stay is shorter than the national and regional average, with lower re-hospitalization rates.

The goal of the dedicated nurses, therapists and caregivers at Briarcliffe Manor is to get your loved one back on his or her feet and resuming a life of independence as soon as possible. Every measure is taken to make their experience as positive as possible, from their streamlined admissions process to that final layer of support upon leaving.

Briarcliffe Manor
49 Old Pocasset Road, Johnston
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