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B. Good introduces eggplant meatball sub

The Boston-based chain offers a variety of meatless sandwiches, including this new vegetarian addition


For carnivores, the meatball sub is the holy grail of sandwiches: spheres of meat slathered in marinara sauce. Italian bread is best. Veggies need not apply. There is no substitute for a clump of ground beef the size of a golf ball – or is there?

If anyone can work out the alchemy, it’s the folks at B. Good. B. Good recently added its new sub with meatballs made from ground eggplant. This is in keeping with the B. Good mission: The Boston-based chain serves its share of responsibly sourced meat products, but the menu is also vegetarian friendly, with plant-based power bowls, sophisticated salads, and more meatless sandwiches than meat-filled.

The Thayer Street location is a hotspot for college students, and the Eggplant Meatball Sub is yet another vegan alternative for the College Hill set. And although B. Good has expanded rapidly, filling storefronts from Texas to Switzerland, it’s nice to see a homegrown New England company spread good eating habits. 269 Thayer Street