Upgrading your vehicle is no small matter


Upgrading your vehicle is no small matter. It’s an expensive and stressful proposition, but knowing Bob Moreau of AutoWerks can make sense financially and from a safety perspective.

Typically people replace a car when it’s no longer worth the price of the next major repair or when their needs change, but consider this: for the last few years manufacturers have made significant safety upgrades that should have you contemplating a newer car now!

Although having airbags was once considered optional, today safety is a much bigger issue. A recent study shows RI drivers are 170% more likely than the national average to have a vehicle accident. Carmakers are taking these statistics seriously and cars have suddenly taken a huge forward leap in safety technology. In addition to more airbags, many vehicles now have backup cameras, blind spot and lane departure warnings, forward collision alert (some even include active braking) and many other highly effective technologies. Android/iPhone interface is often standard to help reduce distracted driving. These new options are highly desirable for all drivers but particularly for new and aging drivers.

If upgrading your vehicle makes sense for you, Bob Moreau of AutoWerks offers a free consultation. He has been an expert for decades. His specialty is in finding “pre-loved” vehicles with extremely low mileage, thus you avoid the first major depreciation in value. You save on excise tax and insurance as well. Similar to buying new, you choose model, year, color and options and the price is agreed upon in advance using Kelly Blue Book (although he often beats their prices). Bob will then find your dream car using the same resources the high priced dealers use. Next, his factory trained mechanics will service and do a 200 point check on the car. It is then registered and delivered to you in perfect condition and looking brand new. AutoWerks provides a warranty as well as continued service and repairs for the life of the car so the vehicle stays safe and runs well for a long as you own it.

Call Bob Moreau at AutoWerks and experience worry free driving.