Anything But Garden Variety

City Estate Gardener goes above and beyond in landscape service


During the stark days of February you might not be thinking about your landscape, but Tom Bennett, Sara Craft, and Dawn Dumond at City Estate Gardener are hard at work planning the season of landscape services provided to the Providence community.

“Our passion is to provide great landscape maintenance, improve existing landscapes, and guarantee a satisfied and happy client,” says Bennett, who founded the company 15 years ago.

City Estate Gardener offers all the services needed to manage your landscape from the start of the season until the end, with the ease of dealing with one service provider. “One of our traits that sets us apart from the pack is our desire to achieve the look and feel you desire to accentuate and complement your garden or landscape style,” says Craft, account manager at City Estate, noting that plant identification and knowledge is essential in properly maintaining the plants and their desired outcomes.

“Coordinating the jobs, our staff, and the calendar is a challenging task,” says Dumond, office coordinator. “With the work being seasonal– and weather-dependent, there are lot of tasks to be completed in short period of time, so good scheduling and great client communication are essential.”

Winter is a great time to discuss goals for the season, results desired, and the plan to make it happen. This process begins with a free site assessment followed up by a detailed and personalized plan for your garden or landscape. Says Bennett, “We like to say ‘We just don’t mow your lawn, we garden your landscape!’ We work with clients that have tiny gardens to large lawns and everything in between. Convenient payment plans are available to make budgeting a snap.”

City Estate Gardener, LLC