Summer Guide

An Island Daycation Awaits

How to get the most out of Block Island in a single day


7am: Arrive to the ferry port in Point Judith
You’ll need a form of transportation to see most of Block Island’s roughly 10 square miles of land. Renting mopeds, bikes, and Jeeps are all options on island, but the best bang for your buck and time is to BYO. Bikes are $7 each and a standard vehicle is $80, both roundtrip, on the Block Island Ferry. Note that cars require advance reservations and to be checked in on dock an hour prior to the traditional ferry’s departure. 

8am: Ferry departs

The traditional ferry is a 55 minute ride, which is ample time to rest up for the busy day ahead of you.

8:15am: Hit the snack bar
While you try to relax, passenger after passenger walks by you with the best-looking Bloody Mary you’ve ever seen. “I’m on vacation,” you tell yourself when you order one. And then you officially are.

8:55am: Arrive on Block Island

Bringing a car has another big bonus: passengers with vehicles are the first ones off the ferry. Nothing screams VIP like peeling off the dock while a boatload of people watch in pure envy. This daycation thing already looks good on you.

9am: Grab breakfast in Old Harbor
Head over to Persephone’s Kitchen, a cozy cafe on Dodge Street, for egg and avocado sandwiches, gluten-free banana bread, and their signature smoothie bowls – the perfect marriage of thickened fruit-based smoothies with granola. 

10am: Head to Southeast Light
Stop by Southeast Light, one of two lighthouses on island, for a quick dose of history, architecture, and awe-inspiring views of the Atlantic and the Block Island Wind Farm – otherwise known as the Instagram Trifecta. 22 Mohegan Trail

11am: Peek at the Mohegan Bluffs
You could spend an entire day walking down the 141 steps that lead to patches of near-perfect beaches complete with crystal clear water and spectacular vistas of the 200-foot Mohegan Bluffs. The descent and climb back is challenging and time-consuming, so today you’ll take a peek from the top and half-check it off your BI bucket list. There, that felt good.

12pm: Go parasailing
Your next stop is to Block Island Parasailing, where you’ll soar 500 to 800 feet up in the air for an unmatched view of the island from above. Though the entire ride only takes about 20 minutes, bragging rights are yours forever (or at least this summer). 

1pm: Pick up lunch to go
The beach is your next respite/multi-tasking activity, and you’ll need to pick up some take-out for lunch to keep this Block Island boot camp… I mean island getaway… as efficient as possible. The Beachhead is not only conveniently located down the street from the town beach, it’s crazy delicious. Seafood is a must-order here. 

1:15pm: Pull up to the beach
There are plenty of reasons why Fred Benson Town Beach is the best beach in Rhode Island. Free admission, white sand, clear-as-day water, hot showers, and on-site chair and umbrella rentals are a few of them. It’s also one of a few beaches where dogs are allowed, which just adds to the chill vibe. Grab your lunch, along with your beach chairs and towels from your trunk (you packed those, right?), and plop on the sand for a little down time.

3pm: Explore New Harbor

Block Island has two harbors on opposite ends of the island: Old Harbor, the town’s busy hub that the BIF arrives in, and New Harbor, the serene and preferred landing spot for boaters. Head to Champlin’s, a large resort that houses BI’s largest marina, several dining and drinking options, and a boatload of water activities. Kayaks, paddleboards, and bumper boats can be rented for the day or by the hour. Pick the watercraft of your choice, and go explore Great Salt Pond for a few hours. 

5pm: Go Shopping in Old Harbor
Head back to the downtown-like area in Old Harbor for some retail therapy. Dodge and Water streets are full of artisan boutiques, surf shops, jewelers, and novelty apparel that will remind you – and your friends – that you had the best day ever on Block Island.

6:30 Dinner at the Surf Hotel
Head over to the Surf Hotel, just a few steps from the downtown shops, and be sure to get a table on their outdoor deck. Directly overlooking the beach, the views here are pretty spectacular — and so is their simple, yet
flavorful menu filled with steaks, fish, and lobster. This is what vacation is all about. 

7:45pm: Return car to dock
You booked the last ferry of the day (because YOLO) and once again you need to get your vehicle loaded an hour prior to departure.

8pm: Grab a nightcap

Ballard’s is less than a five minute walk from the ferry’s landing, and the perfect place to close out your island day. Be it a quick appetizer or a tiki drink, you really can’t go wrong at this expansive beachside resort – unless you lose track of time and miss the ferry. Overnight stays on the Block are highly recommended, but are much better when they are planned. Good thing you have an hour of ferry time to start plotting out your next trip. 

9pm: Depart for Point Judith
Pat yourself on your sun-kissed back, sit back, and enjoy your ride back to Galilee.