Food Trucks: A Movable Feast

Featuring Plouf Plouf, Rocket, Acacia and Portu-Galo


We’re just gonna say it: Food truck food rocks our world. The quality you get for what you pay for is ridiculous. These people put their heart and soul into their food and you can taste it. But hey, maybe we’re biased: we just like good food. That’s why we stopped by four trucks recently to sample some serious sandwiches. (Follow the trucks on Twitter to find out where they’ll be on any given day.)

A Bite of Awesome
To infinity and beyond were our thoughts when we tried Rocket Fine Street Food’s Parisienne Burger. We loved the caramelized onions resting on top of the melted Gruyère because it matched so perfectly with the Niman Ranch hormone- and antibiotic-free Angus beef patty. It had just the slightest sear on the outside, which once we bit into it, led us to the juicy center. We also loved the schmear of garlic aioli on the soft buns. Seriously, go out and get this. @rockettruck

Get Stacked
Nothing says Portuguese food quite like putting an egg on something. The food truck Portu-Galo nailed this and more with their specialty cheeseburger. Their all beef patty was topped with St. Jorge cheese (imagine cheddar with a bit more salt), red onion, mixed greens and tomato all on a sweet bread roll with a garlic, paprika aioli. This monster of a burger was straight up delicious. It was juicy and savory with the right hints of salty and sweet. @PORTU_GALO

Fine Feasting
This gourmet creation from Plouf Plouf Gastronomie was out of this world. From the brioche bun and prime beef patty topped with Swiss speck, wild mushrooms, aged French goat cheese, red and yellow pepper compote, veal demiglace and grilled saucisson, to the truffle fries that are organic and hand cut then topped with parmesan cheese and pure truffle oil, the general consensus was, “Oh my god, it’s so good,” and, “They put a lot of things on here but you can taste them all individually.” If you want to in- dulge in pure hedonism, this is the burger for you. @ploufplouftruck

Flavorful Fusion
For those of us who had never had bahn mai, this sandwich from Acacia Café was a great introduction. And for those of us who have had it, this was a fantastic and fresh twist. The bread (from Crugnale) was so delicious and preservative-free. The pork itself was juicy, seeing as it had been marinated in lime juice, oil, fish sauce and lime zest. It was topped with lime mayo (also super tasty), organic salad greens, cilantro, shredded carrots, daikon and cucumber with a sweet, salty and sour spe- cial sauce. “It’s amazing the quality that comes out of these food trucks,” a satisfied staffer said. But you don’t have to take our word for it. @AcaciaFoodTruck